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Project Overview:
High-Altitude Trekking
and Expedition Guide
Role: Art and Creative Director

### Visual Storytelling ###
I was responsible for crafting the entire visual and experiential narrative of the second book. Since its first Quebec edition in 2015 and the European adaptation "Du trek à l'expé: Bien préparer son séjour en altitude," published by Éditions Glénat in 2017, my work has been instrumental in presenting the rapidly evolving knowledge about safety in mountainous environments and the revised standards in a compelling and accessible manner.
Design and Layout:
The book covers a comprehensive range of topics, including equipment, training, nutrition, medical issues, mental preparation, and first aid. I designed each section with a clear, intuitive layout that guides readers through the material seamlessly. Special attention was given to the new sections on women and altitude and the psychological impact of returning from an expedition.
Collaboration with Experts:
The book is a collective effort featuring contributions from doctors, mountain guides, physiotherapists, osteopaths, pharmacists, physical trainers, nutritionists, and psychologists. I coordinated with these exceptional contributors to ensure their expertise was accurately represented through visuals, diagrams, and infographics, enhancing the book's educational value.
Special Features:
I incorporated special visual features and sections, such as QR codes, first aid information and practical tips, ensuring they were easily accessible and visually appealing. These elements are designed to be quick references for trekkers and expeditioners in critical situations.
Enhanced User Experience:
Understanding the emotional journey of high-altitude expeditions, I integrated visual elements that reflect the mental and physical challenges faced by trekkers. This approach not only informs but also prepares readers mentally for their adventures.
This new edition of the book stands out not only for its updated content but also for its enhanced visual and experiential design. By aligning visual storytelling with expert knowledge, I have helped create a guide that is both informative and inspiring, empowering readers to safely and successfully undertake high-altitude treks and expeditions.

Currently, the book is available exclusively in French. However, readers can look forward to the Nepali & English editions, set to launch by the end of 2024. Stay tuned for more linguistic adventures!
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