Website & Graphic design 
Art Direction | Printed material 
Logo rebrand 

Project Overview:
Role: Art and Creative Director | Web designer 

I was tasked with creating a comprehensive brand experience that reflects the company's rich history and its status as a leader in the dubbing industry. Here's an overview of my contributions to this project:
### Brand Development ###
Historical Legacy and Modern Innovation:
Founded over fifty years ago by Yordan Nicolov and now led by his son Vasko, Cinelume has grown into one of Quebec's premier dubbing studios. My role was to honor this legacy while showcasing the studio's modern advancements and dynamic team spirit.
### Website Design ### - A Digital Showcase:
I designed and developed the Cinelume website to be a seamless blend of the company’s historical roots and its cutting-edge technological capabilities. The website serves as an interactive platform that highlights the studio’s services and accomplishments in a visually engaging manner.
### Visual Storytelling ###
Highlighting Expertise and Craftsmanship:
Cinelume is renowned for its exceptional talent and advanced technology. I crafted a narrative that emphasizes the studio's ability to deliver high-quality post-production and dubbing services. The website features a dedicated section reminder of major projects like DUNE, JOHN WICK 1, 2, 3, TOP GUN: MAVERICK,and GHOST IN THE SHELL, underscoring Cinelume's expertise and success.
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