Dare to Reach​​​​​​​
Book design | Graphic design |  Brand Collateral  |  Visual Guidelines  |  Art Direction  |  Video  
Printed Promotional material | Kickstart campaign | Creative Design 
Project Overview:
Role: A.D / Creative Director

### Visual Storytelling ###

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This was a delicious project. Being able to craft the entire visual and experiential narrative of this incredible book. It tells the story of two ambitious souls and entrepreneurs who meet one day in a coffee shop and realize their shared passion for mountains.

A few months later, they grow extremely close and decide to create a unique book about the dare—the human desire to embark on and live the greatest adventure of a lifetime.

Featuring the oldest living mountaineer, Theodore Fairhurst, his amazing stories and Emmanuel Daigle, one of the most renowned high-altitude trekking guide in Canada, this book captures the essence of adventure and the relentless pursuit of human dreams.
Design and Layout:
This book is about much more than just mountains; it’s about living a life as monumental as a mountain itself. It celebrates the joy of 'shining eyes' and the courage to 'dare to reach.' It encourages you to stay open-minded, like a blank canvas, ready to follow your passions and dreams. What is life without struggle and glory, daring and failures?
This special limited first edition, written in both English and French, "Dare to Reach" inspires, motivates, and pushes you to take action. Manu and Ted offer a new perspective on making your wildest dreams come true.
Special Features:
This interactive book is playful and challenging, incorporating special visual features and sections. Knowing when to change your perspective will be useful in certain chapters.
Enjoy extra content via QR codes that you can scan with any smartphone camera or tablet, bringing sound and videos to this hardcover. The book features two front covers, allowing you to read it in English or French from front to center.​​​​​​​
Enhanced User Experience:
"Dare to Reach" inspires, motivates, and pushes you to take action, with Manu and Ted offering a new perspective on making your wildest dreams come true. Understand the emotional journey of these two giants, uncover a hidden Himalayan secret, and collect the prize.
This new edition stands out with updated content and enhanced visual design. By combining visual storytelling with the expertise of two incredible professionals, we've created a book that's both informative and inspiring. It takes readers on a mystical journey, empowering them to understand the true meaning of daring.

This new edition, available in both French and English, features updated content and enhanced visual design. Combining visual storytelling with expert insights, it offers an inspiring and informative journey. Readers will also encounter a mysterious creature within the pages, adding an element of interactivity—but only if they look for it.
More information...
• 8.625" x 11.25" Closed
• 17.25" x 11.25" when open
198-page Full-Color Hardcover Book when delivered to your door.
Printed on Euroart silk 200m paper
Finish Casebound, stitched, square back 
Unique new concept with QR codes & 2 original Front Covers
Limited Special Edition
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