Emmanuel Daigle
Website design | Graphic design |  Brand Collateral  |  Visual Guidelines  |  Art Direction  |  Video  
Printed Promotional material | Logo desing 
Project Overview:
Emmanuel Daigle / Brand 
Role: Art and Creative Director | Web designer | Social presence

###​​​​​​​ Visual Storytelling ###
I was entrusted with creating a comprehensive web presence and a versatile, recognizable logo to support his various ventures,
including the Academy of High Altitude.

###​​​​​​​ Impact ###
Building a Strong Brand Identity:
Through my work, Emmanuel now has a strong, cohesive brand identity that supports his status as a leader in high-altitude trekking. The website serves as a central hub for his activities, while the logo provides a consistent visual identity across all his ventures. This comprehensive branding effort ensures that Emmanuel’s expertise and services are effectively communicated to a global audience.
###​​​​​​​ Web presence ###
Emmanuel Daigle, a highly recognized expert in high-altitude trekking and mountain guiding, required a website that would effectively communicate his expertise and attract a global audience. I crafted a user-friendly, visually appealing website that highlights his achievements, expeditions, and educational initiatives.
Intuitive Navigation:

Ensuring visitors can easily access information about his expeditions, courses, and services.
Visual Storytelling:

Utilizing high-quality imagery and compelling narratives to showcase Emmanuel’s journey and expertise in high-altitude trekking.
Responsive Design:

Creating a site that functions seamlessly across all devices, providing a consistent user experience.
###​​​​​​​ Logo Design ###
Creating a versatile and Recognizable Logo:

Emmanuel needed a logo that would be impactful across various mediums, including wearables, materials, and stationery. The goal was to create a cohesive brand identity that would be instantly recognizable and adaptable for different uses.

Designing a logo that works well on different platforms
and formats, from digital to print.
Brand Consistency:

Ensuring the logo reflects Emmanuel’s brand values and
his expertise in high-altitude expeditions.
Multiple Uses:

The logo was crafted to look great on everything from websites
to promotional materials, wearables, and more.
###​​​​​​​ Testimony ###
I had the honor of working with Goran on several projects. This exceptional artist designed the second edition of my book  High Altitude - trekking Guide, created my website and my brand logo
for multiple businesses including the brand for
"Academie haute montagne"

He was attentive to my needs, and thanks to his talent,
creativity, and patience, he was able to highlight my business.
Goran also designed the entire visual language for the second edition of the book, which consists of 360 pages. This edition utilized various techniques and modern mobile technologies to improve access and communication with the online world.
Due to its exceptional design and user-friendliness, it will be the first book presented in a museum in Nepal and will be the official tool for guides and traveller's when it comes to trekking and high altitude around the world.

The importance of the second edition was paramount, and Goran ensured it met all respective deadlines from start to finish, delivering a high-quality product on time.
His knowledge in social presence and brand positioning also contributed significantly to better sales and improved presence worldwide.

If you want a professional-level result,
Goran is the person you need.
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