Goran Go

I’m a Montreal based  Digital Art director specializing in brand, web and corporate identity development. This includes the design of logos, web design, visual content and supporting collateral that communicates your brand's message in the most effective way.

My life path gave me the opportunity to enjoy crafting many different creative/artistic and design projects. Sometimes alone and sometimes being a part of well managed creative individuals or graphics teams. Worked for and with ad agencies and collaborated trough years with some of the amazingly talented artists on a local and international scale. Whether working full time or freelance the experiences was to collaborate with different cultures, learn about different fields and understand that there are still lots of things to learn and create in years ahead.

My working method practices are in continues exploration of a traditional pen&paper symbiosis that is mixed with cutting-edge digital technology. In my opinion, both of those are the necessity for a perfect balance of well achieved final results.